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What is a cookie?

What is a cookie? A cookie is simply a file that is deposited on your computer by a website you visit. E.g., if you visit the website for the Avengers movie, the site will create a file on your computer that it can lookup next time you visit the same site. What is the big deal? If there is a cookie on your computer, the site will know that you are a returning visitor and perhaps say “Welcome back!”. It
Scratch coding blocks

Scratch Coding: Block based programming

Scratch Coding: Block based programmingScratch is a block based programming language developed at the Lifelong Kidergarten at MIT’s Media lab. It is a wonderful tool that can be used to introduce coding to kids at age 8-12. Scratch is often referred to as a block based programming language since all the code is built using blocks rather than writing text. In other words, Scratch programs consist of blocks that are connected together to form a program. Each block is used

Announcing KodeContest 2020

Announcing KodeContest® 2020Contest problems, rules and submission guidelines will be posted on Oct 30th. Stay tuned! Important DatesRegistration – Nov 1st to Mar 15th. Submission – Apr 1st to Apr 30th. Grade – 3 to 8. Team size – 1 to 5 Registration Fee – $5.

Top 5 coding languages for kids 2019

Top 5 coding languages for kids 2019 Scratch is a block-based visual programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab. It is one of the first languages developed exclusively for kids. It has been translated into 70+ languages, and is used in most parts of the world. Scratch is a great tool to create fantastic animations and great cartoons. Scratch Jr is an app available for kids 4-7. Scratch X is an extension of the language that is use to