Games with Scratch

Although being a simple language to learn, Scratch is powerful enough to create complex games that will entertain you and your friends for hours! Using a series of examples each spanning just a handful of videos, this course shows you how you can design interesting games in Scratch. Some games require simple user actions, while others require fast responses to changing events. We will show how to add countdowns to your games, maintain scores, and even create “evil” characters to be avoided. The game elements covered in this course can be adapted  to create your own games.

What you need to know

Familiarity with the Scratch programming environment (sprites, backdrops, and blocks) is required as well as an understanding of basic Scratch blocks for movement, drawing, animation, cloning, and conversations. The Scratch Programming course and Animation with Scratch course are the pre-requisites for this course and cover all necessary background.

What you will learn

After completing this course, you would have mastered:
  • Recognizing and responding to sprite clicks
  • Tracking and following mouse movements
  • Reacting to keyboard presses
  • Using randomness in games
  • Cloning characters on demand
  • Score keeping and countdown clocks

System Requirements

We will be using Scratch Version 2.0 which is free and runs on a browser, so no separate installation is required. You will need:
  1. A desktop computer or laptop running Windows. Mac, or Linux (an iPad will not work)
  1. A web browser: Google Chrome (Version 35 or later), Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 9 or later), or Mozilla Firefox (Version 31 or later). Make sure in your browser’s security preferences, you allow Adobe Flash Player to work when visiting the Scratch website.

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  • 1 week, 3 days


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