Kodecontest Summer 2020 Challenges

KodeContest® Summer 2020 Challenges

Track 1 - Grade 3-5

Challenge 1.1 - Scratch Storytelling

Calling all budding story writers, directors, and creators! Create and code your very own cartoon using Scratch 3.0. Build a program in Scratch 3.0 that when run (i.e., by pressing the green Go flag) will enact your cartoon script.


Challenge 1.2 - Shape Power!

Rethink an existing object that is widely used and redesign it with a new shape. Why is your design superior? What are the benefits? Tell us using a Scratch 3.0 story! 


Challenge 1.3 - Minecraft Settlement Creation with MakeCode

Build your dream Minecraft settlement using Makecode.


Track 2 - Grade 6-12

Challenge 2.1 - Python Game

Are you a budding game developer? Do you want to showcase your Python coding skills? Code in Python and develop a game that will be fun, exciting and challenging! Read on to learn the rules.


Challenge 2.2 - Build a Website

Develop an informational website to showcase what you learn! Teams can pick Science, Social Science, or any other field of their choice. Use a map to teach your favorite subject.


Challenge 2.3 - Making Data Useful

“Data is the new oil” is a debatable modern adage. There is a lot of data online, but it is often distributed across multiple websites and it becomes difficult to integrate all the data and gain a unified understanding.


Challenge 2.4 - Build an App

Showcase your mobile app development skills using the Swift programming language. Create an app to fulfill your social responsibility towards a cause that is close to your heart!