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Challenge 2.2: Shape Power!

The Challenge

Rethink an existing object that is widely used and redesign it with a new shape. Why is your design superior? What are the benefits? Tell us using a Scratch 3.0 story!


1. Teams must create all the sprites. Sprites from the Scratch library cannot be used.
2. All the sprites must be comprised of the team’s chosen shape to emphasise the redesign story.
3. Teams can use any number of sprites.
4. Backdrops from the Scratch library can be used.
5. A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 backdrops can be used.
6. Use speech (recorded audio), callouts (say and think balloons), and music (recorded or using the Scratch Music extension) to show your sprites talking/conversing/interacting with each other.
7. The team’s story must explain why the chosen design is superior, what is unique about it, and its benefits. (Hint: You can use the Custom Block feature in Scratch 3.0 to procedurally draw your chosen shape and rapidly populate your scene with your chosen shape. )
8. The final cartoon should not exceed 7 minutes.
9. Include a title and the list of team members at the beginning and the credits at the end. These can be additional backdrops.

What to submit?

Submission guidelines will be posted closer to the deadline. Stay tuned!
  • Executive Summary

    A write-up (US Letter, single spaced, 1 inch margins on all sides, not to exceed one page) of your project.

  • Video Demo

    A video demo of your project.

  • Code

    Submission guidelines will be posted closer to the deadline. Stay tuned!

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