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25 Frequently asked Questions about Minecraft

1. How to make green dye in Minecraft?

Green dye can be obtained by smelting cacti in a furnace. However, cacti can not be smelted in blast furnaces or smokers. Wandering Traders also have a chance to trade three green dye for one emerald.

2. How to make shears in Minecraft?

Shears can be crafted by putting two iron ingots in a direct diagonal line in either a crafting grid or table. This craft results in one shear.

3. How to swim in Minecraft?

To swim in Minecraft simply sprint in water or double tap your walk key. This means you can travel across water faster than just walking and wading through to the other side.

4. How do dolphins eat in Minecraft?

Dolphins are only able to eat when the player feeds them. To feed dolphins use raw cod and salmon. Dolphins will not eat anything cooked. To feed a dolphin on Java, right click on the dolphin with the food you want to feed them. On Bedrock wait for the dolphin to come close enough and a button labeled “feed” will pop up allowing you to feed the dolphin. Additionally, dolphins will lead you to the nearest ocean ruin, ocean monument, or shipwreck!

5. What does infinity do in Minecraft?

Infinity is an enchantment that can be put on only a bow (no crossbows) and means that this bow can shoot infinite arrows as long as an arrow is in your inventory. If there is not a single arrow in your inventory, you will not be able to shoot any arrows. Infinity is a treasure enchantment and cannot be obtained from an enchanting table. You must either trade for it from a librarian or find it in a loot chest (found in places like dungeons, temples, mineshafts, etc.). You must then proceed to use an anvil to combine the enchanted book and your bow to get an infinity bow.

6. How to make a bed in Minecraft?

A bed can be crafted by placing three pieces of same color wool of your choice on a row in your crafting table and placing three oak planks in a row under the wool. The wool can be put in the top row with the planks directly under or in the second row with the planks directly under. A bed needs to be crafted with a crafting table as a crafting grid is too small.

7. How to make a brick in Minecraft?

To acquire a brick in MInecraft, you must smelt clay in a furnace (a clay ball not a clay block) and to make a brick block you must make a two by two square out of bricks in a crafting table of grid.

8. How to make concrete in Minecraft?

To make concrete in Minecraft, place a piece of colored dye in the middle of your crafting table and place gravel in the top or bottom row and sand in the opposite row. Then place sand in one of the two remaining slots and gravel in the other. This way you get concrete powder. By placing concrete powder in water, you get a harder substance: concrete. You can mine this concrete and pick it up as an item.

9. How to make smoothstone in Minecraft?

To make smoothstone in Minecraft, you must first smelt cobblestone in a furnace to get stone and then smelt the stone in the furnace to get smooth stone. You will not be able to smelt either of these items in a blast furnace or a smoker.

10. How to make a compass in Minecraft?

To make a compass in Minecraft you need to use a crafting table and place redstone dust in the center of it. Then you must surround it on all sides (not corners) with four iron ingots. You will not be able to use a crafting grid to craft a compass.

11. How to make a lantern in Minecraft?

To make a lantern in minecraft you need to place a torch in the middle of your crafting table and place 8 iron nuggets around it. Since this craft requires nine crafting slots, you can not use a crafting grid for this.

12. How to make a fence in Minecraft?

To make a fence in Minecraft you need to place a plank on the edge of a crafting table on the first or second row. Then do the same on the opposite cell on the row. Repeat the same process a row down and put sticks in between the planks. To make a gate swap the sticks and planks’ positions.

13. How to make a cake in Minecraft?

To make a cake in Minecraft simply place three milk buckets in the top row, an egg in the middle cell of the middle row with sugar on either side and wheat all across the bottom row.

14. How to make a boat in Minecraft?

To make a boat, place three wood planks on the second or third row in your crafting table. Then place a shovel on the middle cell on top of your selected row (this shovel serves as a paddle) with more wooden planks at both of its sides. In the java edition, the shovel is not required.

15. How to make a torch in Minecraft?

To make a torch in minecraft, place a stick in the second or third row in a crafting table and place coal or charcoal above it. You can also place a stick in the bottom row of the crafting grid with coal or charcoal above it.

16. How do you get terracotta in Minecraft?

To get terracotta in Minecraft you must smelt a clay block in a furnace. To dye terracotta you must put your choice of dye in the center of a crafting table and eight terracotta all around it.

17. How do you make potions in Minecraft?

To make potions in Minecraft you need to craft a brewing stand with blaze rods and cobblestone. Then, you need to make bottles out of glass and fill them with water. Use nether wart and blaze powder in a brewing stand to make awkward potions and from there you can make potions like strength with blaze powder on the left hand side as well as the top middle box. You can use glowstone dust to make strength two and redstone to increase the duration of the strength potion.

18. How do you breed llamas in Minecraft?

To breed llamas in Minecraft you must first tame them with a combination of wheat and riding on them and then feed both llamas hay which results in a baby llama.

19. How do you make a flower pot in Minecraft?

To make a flower pot in Minecraft, use a crafting table to place bricks in two corners of a row and in the middle cell on the row below the other row.

20. How do you make a composter in Minecraft?

To craft a composter place seven slabs in a u shape formation on the crafting table. Three on the bottom, and three along the columns on the edge.

21. How do you make a Jack-o-Lantern in Minecraft?

To make a Jack-o-Lantern in Minecraft, you need to place a carved pumpkin in your crafting grid or table and put a torch under it. To get a carved pumpkin you need to use shears to shear a normal pumpkin and then proceed to mine it.

22. How to plant sugarcane in Minecraft?

To plant sugarcane in Minecraft you must have the item sugarcane which is obtainable by breaking sugarcane and must place it on a block next to water. This block can be either grass, dirt, podzol, or sand even though sugarcane typically spawns on sand.

23. How to make a book in Minecraft?

To make a book, place three paper and one leather anywhere in your crafting table or grid and you will be able to craft a book no matter the order.

24. How to make a lead in Minecraft?

To make a lead, place string in the top left corner of the crafting table with more string directly below it and to the right of it. Then place a slime ball in the middle cell and another piece of string in the bottom right corner. This should give you two leads.

25. How to make glass in Minecraft?

To get glass you must smelt sand in a furnace. The result is glass which you can use to make glass panes, glass bottles, etc.
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