Python for Kids

Live 1:1 classes and camps where kids learn professional Python coding with elite instructors.

Age 11-18

Kodeclik offers several programs (summer camps, live online classes) to learn professional Python programming in a structured way. Our Python 1 class is meant for kids and teens looking to learn serious, real world Python programming. The class is offered 1:1, small group and other flexible formats to help each student succeed in their learning goals.

Kodeclik’s Python 2 class teaches Turtle Graphics and is a wonderful, fun class for students who have little to no experience with programming. Turtle is Python’s graphic library and is used to develop drawings, patterns and is a great tool to introduce Python to kids and teens.
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Python 1

Age: 10-14

This fast moving Python coding class assumes no prior experience but rapidly takes you to high levels of programming. In this class, students will learn numbers, strings, arrays, conditional statements, control constructs, functions, iterators, responding and reacting to user input and will create simple games.

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Python 2: Turtle Graphics Programming

Age: 10-14

This is our exiciting Turtle Graphics class for students familiar with Python. In this class, students will learn to use the Turtle Graphics library, move and turn commands, the XY coordinate system, basic Geometry and exploration, drawing polygons, drawing stars, drawing spirals, stamping, randomizing and coloring drawings.

Our self-learning courses in the Kodeclik Academy span a similar range of topics, from basic Python programming to turtle graphics.


Python 101: Programming with Jupyter Notebook

Lessons - 13 Units - 77

Python 102: Turtle Graphics with Jupyter Notebook

Lessons - 7 Units - 50

Python for Kids and Teens FAQ

What is Python coding for kids?

Python is an easy and yet powerful programming language and kids can start to learn Python coding as they begin their coding journey. Python coding skills will help kids grow into becoming software developers, engineers or entrepreneurs.

What age should my kid start to learn Python coding?

We recommend Python coding for kids ages 11-18. Not only is Python an ideal first text based coding language for beginners, it is also the language used in advanced applications in AI, Blockchain and the internet.

Why should my kid learn Python coding?

Coding is fast becoming a very important skill in the digital world and most of the jobs of the future will require various levels of coding skills. Learning to code from a young age develops the analytical skills of kids and will make them competitive in the digital economy.

How do I begin? Are there any prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites to beginning your child’s Python coding journey. While it may be good to have some prior experience with a block based coding language like Scratch or Minecraft education edition, kids can start to learn Python with absolutely no coding experience.

The first step is to find a suitable IDE to write all your Python programs. There are several free options available and you can use either a web based hosted IDE or a desktop IDE.

Where can I learn more about Python coding?

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