Learn to code in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS and build your own interactive web pages.

Age 11-14

Kodeclik offers web development online classes and summer camps for students ages 11-18. The classes and camps are meant for students seeking to learn HTML, JavaScript and CSS and build their own web pages. Our curriculum teaches web programming with a number of exciting and fun exercises and projects and students have a blast as they gain the skills to become skilled web developers.
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Web: HTML, CSS, and Javascript

Age: 11-14

This course takes you behind the scenes to illustrate how to write and style complex and compelling websites. HTML is the industry standard for hypertext markup that describes the visual appearance and behavior of websites. CSS or cascading style sheets is the cornerstone stylesheet technology that specifies how webpages must be displayed on various platforms such as computer screens, phones, and tablets. Javascript specifies how pages react and respond to user input and encode your site's logic. Create many fully functional websites in this course!


Web Development for Kids

Kids and teens can learn to create websites by building their own web pages using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is a great way for kids to learn to code, develop their creative skills and showcase their projects.


HTML is a document markup language that is used to create documents that can be displayed in the browser. HTML5 is the current version of HTML and is widely used to create web pages. CSS is a stylesheet language that is used to style the different elements like text, links, buttons and images of an HTML page.

JavaScript Programming

JavaScript is a scripting programming language that is very widely used to build interactive web pages. It is also used to build games and other applications on the web.

Where can I learn more about Web Programming?

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