Our Philosophy

Inspiring kids, one by one! ®

Why coding?

  • Challenges Young Minds.
  • Develops And Enhances Creativity.
  • Leads To New Career Paths.
  • Empowers Kids To Shape The Future.

Our Goals

Have fun

Kodeclik-ers work on interesting projects and have a ton of fun.


Future innovators are inspired into the digital world.

Playing to Coding

Kodeclik-ers go from playing to programming with computers.

Get Creative

Young minds apply their creativity to programming projects.

We enable kids to code the future

Prepare for the new world
The world is changing fast and coding is becoming an essential skill needed to succeed in the digital economy. We prepare kids for the new world by teaching them to code as well as by teaching them new technologies like AI, ML and Augmented Reality.

Become an entrepreneur
Entrepreneurship is fun, exciting, challenging and rewarding. Learning to code in the new digital economy will open up several fun options to pursue entrepreneurship.

Build the next unicorn
Shoot for the sky and you will reach the stars! At Kodeclik, we equip kids and teens with both the technical and the creative skills needed to dream up the new world.

Give your child a gift that will open many doors.™

Join today and start coding!


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