About Kodeclik

Inspiring kids, one by one! ®

Our Story

Our founders, an MBA from NYU and a professor of computer science, have been involved with education and computer science for over two decades.

Being technologists and early adopters of several technologies, we were not happy with the choices that were available for our children. Growing up, we learned to program the Sinclair® ZX Spectrum and had a lot of fun and excitement in being able to create programs. Programming was a means of creative expression. We wanted something similar for our kids.

Introducing programming to our kids was a lot of fun and we soon conducted workshops for groups of kids and thus Kodeclik was born. We have conducted coding camps in Virginia since 2015 and launched our courses online in 2018.


Our milestones…and counting!


Coding workshops for kids.


Summer camps in 6 locations in Virginia.


Kodeclik online academy launched.


Our Vision

Our vision is to introduce coding to young minds as a tool that can be used in almost any field. Learning to code is an experience that can open several doors into the digital world.

We show kids the exciting and endless possibilities there are once they learn to code:

Our budding artists are taught to design characters and screens for animation and taught to give them life using programming.

Our geeks are introduced to how there is programming behind every gadget and how they can actually program their Lego® kits.

Our Minecraft® warriors absolutely love making Mods that enhance their experience with the game.

Our math minds are always on the lookout for interesting puzzles and games that they can program and showcase to family and friends.

Our creators are fascinated at the prospect of being able to create their own animated cartoon stories.

Our young app developers are taught basics of marketing their app, the app store and so on. We teach kids to use the apps like the digital age lemonade stand.

And the excitement continues…