Best Minecraft modding classes using both block-based and textual programming languages.

Age 10-14

Minecraft education edition is a great tool that can be used to transition kids from playing to programming. Kodeclik offers summer camps as well as live online courses throughout the year in several formats to teach kids coding using Minecraft.
Kids 10-12 will use block based coding to create various mods in Minecraft using the builder and agent models. Kids and teens 12+ will learn Minecraft education edition modding using Python programs.
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Minecraft Education Edition

Age: 8 to 12

This is our introductory Minecraft Education Edition coding class. Kids will have a blast as they learn to build cool mods using Minecraft Education Edition. Kids will learn the 3D co-ordinate system, agent and builder models, building structures in custom worlds, spawning entities, variables, conditional statements, loops, functions and event handling.

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Python 3: Minecraft Modding

Age: 10-14

This class brings together two favorite platforms: Minecraft and Python. Students already familiar with the basics of Python will be introduced to an object-oriented flavor of programming, how to use builder and agent models to construct structures in their Minecraft worlds, navigating a 3D environment, and how to create complex programs compositionally from simpler parts.

Our self-learning courses in the Kodeclik Academy describe how to perform various actions in Minecraft using MakeCode.


Minecraft 101: Minecraft Modding with MakeCode

Lessons - 13 Units - 122

Minecraft Education Edition FAQ

What is Minecraft Education Edition?

Minecraft is a sandbox game that fosters the creativity and building skills of kids as they enjoy playing their game. Minecraft Education Edition is a version of Minecraft that comes with a built-in coding environment that is connected to the game. Kids can learn to code as they develop programs within Minecraft Education Edition.

What programming languages are supported by Minecraft Education Edition?

Students can learn coding in Minecraft Education Edition either with blocks or with the Python coding language. Block based coding is great for kids ages 10-12 and Python coding is ideal for kids and teens ages 12-18.

Is Minecraft Education Edition Bedrock or Java?

Minecraft Education Edition is designed based on the Bedrock edition and has features that can be used for educational purposes by parents, teachers and students. In addition to the basic Minecraft features, the education edition is a treasure trove of features that can be used to teach Math, Chemistry and Science, within Minecraft, to kids.

How can I get started with Minecraft Education Edition?

Minecraft Education Edition is available for free to students in most public school districts in the USA. You can install it on a Windows, Mac (iOS), Chromebook or the iPAD and it can be downloaded for free at https://education.minecraft.net/en-us/get-started/download. Students can use their school district login and password or parents can buy a licence in the Microsoft store.

Where can I learn more about Minecraft?

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