Learn Geometry from Kodeclik's classes and gain a solid foundation that will prepare you for many careers.

Age 11-13

Kodeclik offers online instructor-led 1:1 and small group classes in Geometry for students in grades 5-7. These classes are meant for students who are looking to learn Geometry in a fun and structured way. The 1:1 format is ideal for students to learn at their pace based on their individual needs.
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Geometry 1

Age: 11 to 13

Students will learn points, lines and angles, properties of triangles, quadrilaterals, special types of triangles, special types of quadrilaterals, similarity and congruence properties, area and perimeter, and the co-ordinate plane.

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Geometry 2

Age: 11 to 13

Students will learn the Pythogorean theorem, transformations using rotations, reflections, and scaling, circles, including tangents and secants, three dimensional shapes, volume and surface area, basic Trigonometry, and the importance of proofs in Geometry.

Geometry FAQ

What is Geometry?

Geometry is the branch of Math that studies lines, vertices, angles, 2D and 3D shapes and is typically taught to students in high school. It has applications in several important industries like construction and graphic design, graphic design, video game programming, and virtual reality creation.

What grade is Geometry taught in high schools?

In America, Geometry is taught to high school students in Grade 10. Students typically take Algebra 1 in Grade 9 and Algebra 2 in Grade 11.

Is Geometry useful for future careers?

Geometric skills combined with programming abilities are very valuable in gaming, virtual reality, construction and graphics industries. Aspiring game designers, VR developers and graphic designers who study Geometry and coding will have a great start to their careers.

Where can I learn more about Geometry?

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