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Learn to code: Top careers in the digital economy

As you look around, you will see smartphones, smart gadgets, mobile apps, online games, mobile banking, virtual reality, augmented reality, chat-bots, robots, self-driving cars and online businesses. Everything in today’s world runs on code. So it is no surprise that coding and mobile app development are now the most sought after skills. Therefore, teaching kids to code will be one of the best decisions that you will make for your child. By teaching kids to code, you will set them up in a path towards a better future.
Learning to code is like learning to speak a new language. It looks like a difficult task, but it is not impossible. That is why it is essential to catch them young! Take a bunch of kids who speak a different language and let them play together for a month. You will be surprised to see how easily they are picking up each other’s languages. Kids have a far more curious brain than adults. If nurtured well, they can learn to code faster than you can imagine.
From all the new STEM jobs, 71% are in the software segment, but only 8% of STEM students are Computer Science graduates. Both parents and students still believe coding is too hard. But, in the job market, there is a short supply of coders. In the USA, the average salary of a software engineer is the highest among all careers. Although some K 12 schools offer coding classes, unfortunately, these are not enough to make the students job-ready.
Taking specialized Coding lessons will teach skills that are in high demand in today’s market. Software programming is powering each and every industry, be it agriculture, medicine, law, construction – it is everywhere. With the growing digital economy, many lucrative career options have emerged, that demand knowledge of coding:

1. Data Analyst

It is one of the top career options today. A Data Analyst collects data and analyses them to take business decisions.

2. Software Developer

It is one of the highest-paid career options today. Whatever technology we are using today, has thousands of codes that were written in the background by a programmer.

3. Web Developer/ App Developer

With more and more businesses going online, demand for website and app creation is reaching new heights. A web developer will never be out of work.

4. Information Security Analyst

This is a work of cybersecurity professionals. Information security analysts help large corporations to protect business data spread across their computer network.

Here is why kids should learn how to code

Programming or coding is both a creative as well as an analytical process. Coding for kids is to teach the kids to code using gamified or entertaining methods. This keeps the kid’s interest level high and motivates them to learn through games in a competitive environment. Gamification is a well-researched method to train young minds. This is a proven scientific way of teaching any skill to the kids.
Everyone might not choose the career of a programmer. But, in today’s world, knowledge of any one programming language will always provide a competitive edge over others. A basic programming knowledge can dramatically change the way we use our smartphones and the way we interact in social media. A whole new world of possibilities opens up.
Learning a programming language also develops the intelligence and confidence in the personality of your kid. Just imagine, instead of playing hours of video games, your kid is busy creating his or her own video game! Knowledge of coding strengthens the ability of problem-solving. They learn to think logically. Writing codes for a program is like taking a problem and breaking it to small logical sections. This is what professional programmers also do. While writing codes, your kid is actually communicating with the computer. Code is the language being used to give instructions to the computer.
When your kid learns how to code, and starts building their own mobile apps, websites or makes a video game – it is a satisfaction of a different kind. This makes them confident and hungry for more.

Which coding language should kids learn?

Undoubtedly, Scratch 3.0 is one of the most popular coding languages for kids. It is a visual block platform. This is a great way to build logical reasoning in your child. Although it does not teach any real syntax, it has everything else for a kid who is just starting. The simplicity of using visual blocks to move an object excites the kids. For absolute beginners, Scratch is a perfect choice.
When your kid is ready for text-based coding, then you have choices to make. If your kid is interested in Minecraft coding, then after completing the Scratch, move to Java or Javascript.
If your child finds robotics interesting, then scripting languages like Lua and Scala can be taken. Both languages are kid-friendly.
If building websites is the point of interest, then consider HTML and CSS.
For mobile app building Java Script (for Android) or Swift (for iOS) can be viable options.


In today's job market, computer literacy is as important as Science and Math. As more and more parents start to realize this, the popularity of code for kids is increasing. One thing we must remember is that, for kids, coding should be fun. So never force them. Otherwise, once they lose interest, it will be very hard to bring them back. If taught well, you will observe how the coding skill will positively affect your kid’s self-confidence and also academics.
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