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Coding for kids: 6 cool apps to start coding

Coding for Kids

Coding is fast becoming an ubiquitous skill of the digital economy and the number one question parents often have is “where do I start”? While it can be daunting at the outset to see a multitude of tools and options, it is actually a great space to personalize a kid’s learning based on individual strengths and preferences.

How do I begin coding?

At Kodeclik, we encourage kids to begin with a block based programming tool like Scratch or Makecode. These are great tools that are simple, elegant and powerful. Kids will learn the basic programming elements and logic without getting bogged down by the complexities of text based coding.

Is coding a STEM activity?

Coding is largely viewed as a STEM activity and the creative side of it is often downplayed. In reality, though coding is a technical skill since it is indeed a language you will use to talk to a machine, what a piece of code does is largely creative and there are no limits to what one can create using code! Kids’ all time favorite game Minecraft is a great example of the of the levels of creativity in a coding project.
Below are some cools apps we recommend for kids to start coding to unleash their creativity. The sky is the limit when it comes to coding creativity!


TinkerCad is a free, browser-based, 3D modeling system created by Autodesk, Inc. It uses the idea of constructive solid geometry where complex structures can be created by adding and subtracting other basic shape building blocks.


Roblox Studio is the official software platform that enables you to create your own games for the massive multiplayer online Roblox platform. Kids can begin to learn how Roblox games are structured and then gradually progress to Lua programming. It is a great tool that allows kids to learn coding as well as to unleash their creativity and create fun games.
Learn to build Roblox games in Kodeclik’s instructor-led camps here.

MIT App Inventor

MIT App Inventor 2 is a block based app development environment built by MIT scientists. Kids can use the tool to build real world apps and games. It is a great tool to learn app development as well as to progress to developing real world, sophisticated apps.


Scratch is a block based programming language developed by the scientists at MT’s media lab. It is a great tool to introduce programming to kids. Students can learn programming elements of control, conditions and logic and will proceed to build cool animation and games using Scratch.
Learn Scratch Programming in Kodeclik’s instructor-led camps as well as in our online academy.


Makecode is a great tool for builders and makers to create cool things while they learn to code. It comes with a block editor as well as a JavaScript editor. Kids can build Minecraft mods, design and build Microbit projects, build arcade games and have a ton of fun!
Learn to build Minecraft mods using Makecode in Kodeclik’s instructor-led camps as well as in our online academy.

GameMaker Studio 2

GameMaker studio is a great tool for students to learn to code by designing fun games. It has a drag and drop interface that uses blocks to build the programs. This is perfect for beginners to learn coding, logic and game design fundamentals. Advanced learners have access to the GML language to take your games to the next level.
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