Scratch 103: Animation with Scratch 3.0

Scratch, the introductory programming language developed at MIT, is ideal for learning to create your own animations! In Scratch, animations are created by making your sprites change costumes in slow succession. Because programming in Scratch is visual, it is easy to compose just a few blocks to create compelling animations! You can use the numerous in-built sprites (people, animals, birds) to create your animations or you can create your own characters. This course teaches you how! It walks you through the basics of animation through costumes. This course is also the foundation to more advanced animation courses.

What you need to know

Students are expected to have completed Scratch 102 (and Scratch 101) which introduce basic Scratch movement and drawing blocks.

What you will learn

After completing this Scratch coding course, you would have mastered:

System Requirements

1. We will be using Scratch version 3.0 with a web browser.

2. If you are on a desktop computer, you can use any of the following browsers: Chrome (63+), Edge (15+), Firefox (57+), or Safari (11+). Internet Explorer is NOT supported.

3. If you are on a tablet, you can use the following browsers: Mobile Chrome (63+) or Mobile Safari (11+).


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