Scratch Coding 101: Programming with Scratch 3.0

Scratch is an introductory programming language developed at the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab. It is a visual coding language where programming is done by moving and attaching blocks rather than by writing code. Scratch coding enables kids to quickly program graphics, animations, and games without getting bogged down by the complexities of modern programming languages. This course is the first in our sequence on Scratch coding and introduces Scratch by first walking you through creating your own account, writing simple programs, and then building your way up to creating complex movements. Students can make their sprites move in interesting ways across a chosen backdrop. Students will finish the course by completing a challenging project.

What you need to know

Absolutely no prior programming or Scratch coding experience required! Students are expected to only know how to use a computer, e.g., to click, to type, to use a mouse, and to follow along our videos.

What you will learn

After completing this Scratch coding course, you would have mastered:

System Requirements

1. We will be using Scratch version 3.0 with a web browser.

2. If you are on a desktop computer, you can use any of the following browsers: Chrome (63+), Edge (15+), Firefox (57+), or Safari (11+). Internet Explorer is NOT supported.

3. If you are on a tablet, you can use the following browsers: Mobile Chrome (63+) or Mobile Safari (11+).

Kodeclik Scratch Coding Curriculum

Our Scratch curriculum is designed to take our students through the programming, animation and game design elements of Scratch.

We begin with the fundamentals of programming and logic where students will learn programming using Scratch blocks. Our advanced courses teach our students to design fun animations, create cool cartoons and build exciting games.

1. Learn Scratch coding: Scratch Coding 101 – Programming with Scratch 3.0.

2. Learn to draw with Scratch: Scratch Coding 102 – Drawing with Scratch 3.0.

3. Learn to create fun animations: Scratch Coding 103 – Animation with Scratch 3.0.

4. Learn advanced animation: Scratch Coding 104 – Advanced Animation with Scratch 3.0.


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