Live Math Classes

Live Instructor Math Classes


Our top-notch instructors are formally trained in college-level Mathematics.

Class Size

We offer small class sizes of 4-6 students per instructor. Group registrations are available by request.


Classes will meet once a week for 60 minute sessions. Students will sign up for classes that run for 16 weeks.


Tuition is payable per class and will be charged at $399 for 16 weeks.

Live Instructor Math Classes

(Grade 5-7)
Pre-Algebra 1 is aimed at giving students a solid foundation as they embark upon the study of Algebra. This course is ideal for students in advanced elementary and middle school levels (grades 5-7). It begins with a review of Arithmetic and slowly expands the student’s vocabulary to new types of numbers (negatives, fractions, decimals) explaining how to reason in these number systems. With the improved skills in abstraction, the course helps them understand how to formulate and solve linear equations in one variable.
Pre-Algebra 2 builds offf from where Kodeclik’s Pre-Algebra 1 left and introduces advanced concepts from factorization and basic number theory. It also introduces many applications including making sense of data, probability, and understanding trends and patterns. The key skill imparted by this course is an introduction to a range of problem solving strategies that will get regularly reinforced with each topic. This course prepares students for a detailed study of Algebra.
Geometry 1 begins from the most basic ingredients of geometry such as points, lines, and angles and uses triangles and quadrilaterals as the medium to introduce a range of geometric notions such as symmetry and congruence. Students are also introduced to studying these notions in the two-dimensional cartesian coordinate system as well as computing area and perimeter of geometric shapes. This course places a heavy emphasis on developing the student’s geometric intuition via visualizations and drawings before the student embarks on more rigorous proof-based geometry courses.
Geometry 2 course introduces more complex shapes (e.g., circles) and three dimensional objects (e.g., cuboids, cylinders, cones, spheres). It presents a unifying emphasis on transformations to relate geometric shapes and, further, combines skills from Algebra and Geometry to introduce notions like the Pythagorean theorem and basic trigonometry. Students are also introduced to the importance of proofs in geometric reasoning.

Pre Algebra 1

Age - 11 to 13
Course Details: Students will begin with an Arithmetic review, and move on to the distributive property, order of precedence, fractions and ratios. speed and rates of variationdecimals, percentages, negative numbersvariables and simplification of expressions.


Geometry 1

Age - 11 to 13
Course Details: Students will learn points, lines, angles, properties of triangles, quadrilaterals, special types of trianglesspecial types of quadrilaterals,similarity and congruence,area and perimeter and theco-ordinate plane.


Pre Algebra 2

Age - 11 to 13
Course Details: Students will learn factors, exponents and radicals, squares and square roots, greatest common divisor and least common multiple, prime factorization, ratios and proportion, direct and inverse variationdata, plots, and graphs, basic combinatorics and probability.


Geometry 2

Age - 11 to 13
Course Details: Students will learn the Pythogorean theorem, transformations using rotations, reflections, and scaling circles, tangents and secants, three dimensional shapes, volume and surface area and basic Trigonometry and the importance of proofs in Geometry.