Scratch Coding: Block based programming

Scratch Coding: Block based programming

Scratch is a block based programming language developed at the Lifelong Kidergarten at MIT’s Media lab. It is a wonderful tool that can be used to introduce coding to kids at age 8-12.
Scratch is often referred to as a block based programming language since all the code is built using blocks rather than writing text. In other words, Scratch programs consist of blocks that are connected together to form a program. Each block is used to perform a specific action. A block is the equivalent of commands in traditional text based programming languages.

Scratch Coding Blocks

Scratch blocks are classified into different types based on their function.
  1. Use the Motion blocks to create movement.
  2. Use the Looks blocks to control appearance.
  3. Use the Sound blocks to produce sounds.
  4. Use the Sensing blocks to detect user input.
  5. Use the Control blocks to add logic to the programs.
  6. Use the Operator blocks to perform calculations.
  7. Use the Events blocks to initiate or invoke programs based on specific events.
  8. Use the Variables blocks to save information within the programs.
Scratch coding blocks

Benefits of Scratch Coding

Scratch coding using blocks offers several benefits and we highly recommend that student begin their coding adventures with Scratch.
  1. Easy to use – Scratch coding is based on technology that is highly robust and easy to use. Students will be able to quickly learn the basic of programming elements and logic and can create fun animations and drawings within a short period of time.
  2. Develops confidence – Scratch coding works by connecting blocks together, so there are no syntax errors in Scratch. Students can easily create programs and make them work. This helps boost their confidence and will develop their interest in exploring other programming languages.
  3. Complex programming – Scratch provides a comprehensive set of blocks that can be used effective to build complex animations, cartoons and games.

Behind the Scratch block

The Scratch 3.0 blocks are made using the Blockly libraries. The inner workings of the blocks are programmed using JavaScript.
August 8, 2020

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