STEM for Kids

What is STEM? How can my kid get started with STEM activities? You will find answers to these questions and more, free resources and projects below.

20 best subscription boxes for kids 2021

Oct 8 2021

Take a look at 20 best subscription boxes for kids. Subscription boxes provide a convenient, cost effective and effective way to learn new skills ranging from Engineering, Science, Crafts, Drawing, Cooing and more.
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Making a Kahoot Game

July 25 2021

Kahoot is a fun learning tool that can be used to build gamified quizzes. Follow the step in the blog to make a kahoot game.
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Is Rusting a Chemical Change?

July 23 2021

Is Iron Rusting a Chemical Change? And what does this have to do with computers? Read on to learn more!
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10 Virtual STEAM Summer Camps for Kids 2021

July 21 2021

Virtual summer camps are a great way for kids to learn new things, enhance skills and develop interests. Here is a great list of camps for Summer 2021.
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100+ Middle School Math Games for Summer 2021

July 9 2021

Are you a parent looking to kill the summer boredom? Are you worried about learning loss? Do you want your kids to have fun in the summer? Check out our curated list of fun Math games and activities for middle schoolers.
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Geometric Design using Desmos

June 9 2021

Learn how to create attractive geometric designs using the Desmos web graphic calculator by superposing circles, curves, and other shapes!
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