Kodeclik Coding Contest

Challenge 2.3: Minecraft Settlement Creation with MakeCode

The Challenge

Build your dream Minecraft settlement using MakeCode.


1. Build a mod using MakeCode and name it “BuildSettlement”.
2. Typing the command “BuildSettlement” in the Minecraft console should rapidly construct a settlement within a bounding box of size 100 by 100.
3. The settlement can have a rural theme (involving castles, farms etc.) or an urban theme (involving buildings, bridges, gas stations, roads).
4. BuildSettlement must be invoked with a location, e.g., “\BuildSettlement x y” means that the settlement (of size 100 by 100) must be centered at the location denoted by the command line parameters (x y). Note that “z” is not supplied since the settlement can be potentially situated at different altitude levels.
5. The settlement must have a minimum of 6 separate structures and a maximum of 10 separate structures.
6. The settlement should be built using a minimum of 10 different Minecraft materials and a maximum of 20 different Minecraft materials.
7. No specific Minecraft map or seed is provided but you can assume that your construction will be tested over a blank terrain (either rural or urban) supporting the construction of the 100×100 settlement.
8. Teams must ensure that the settlement:
a. provides protection from danger.
b. keeps mobs out.
c. provides pathways to reach different parts of the settlement.
d. serves a useful purpose.
9. The entire construction (i.e., when the program is executed) should not exceed 10 minutes.

What to submit?

Submission guidelines will be posted closer to the deadline. Stay tuned!
  • Executive Summary

    A write-up (US Letter, single spaced, 1 inch margins on all sides, not to exceed one page) of your project.

  • Video Demo

    A video demo of your project.

  • Code

    Submission guidelines will be posted closer to the deadline. Stay tuned!


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