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How to convert a Python range to a list

Remember that a range is a sequence of numbers like from 1 to 10. You typically use the range() function to construct a range, e.g., for use in a for loop.
For instance you typically write a for loop like:
The output will be:
(Note that the range starts from 1 and goes till 10, one less than 11, the second index of the range() function.)
You will find a need sometimes to convert a range to a list, i.e., instead of using it in a for loop you might want just a list. Let us try printing the range as is after constructing it:
The output is:
which is just printing the range object, not quite a list. Let us learn how to convert a range to a list.

Method 1: Use the list() function

The easiest way to convert a range to a list is to use the list() function. Here is how that works:
The output is:

Method 2: Use the unpacking operator (*)

The second approach is to use the unpacking operator (*) which unpacks the range that we then enclose in square brackets to generate a list:
The output is as before:

Method 3: Construct a list and use the extend() method

A third approach first requires you to create a list and then use the extend() method on the list (to which you can pass the range):
The output is again:
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