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100+ Middle School Math Games for Summer 2021

We’ve curated a list of fun Math activities that you can include in your sixth grader’s summer schedule.
Summer is a great time for kids to unwind, relax and enjoy the company of family and friends. A fun summer break rejuvenates and charges up kids for a fantastic academic year. However, summer Math loss is real and it is a good idea for parents to introduce Math activities along with other fun summer camps, enrichment, play and vacations.
The following is a great list of fun Math games and activities for sixth graders.

1. Math Playground

Math playground was created by Colleen King in 2002 and has a variety of Math games, puzzles videos and worksheets. There are several games for different Math concepts and all the content in the site is free.
6th Grade: Math Playground (6th Grade)

2. Math Games

Math Games has educational Math content based on common core as well as several other national and international standards. The site offers free content and also has a paid premium section.
6th Grade: Math Games (6th Grade)
7th Grade: Math Games (7th Grade)
8th Grade: Math Games (8th Grade)

3. education.com

Education.com provides educational materials for teachers, parents and students in several different formats. The site has free worksheets, games and lesson plans as well as premium paid content.
6th Grade: education.com (6th Grade)
7th Grade: education.com (7th Grade)
8th Grade: education.com (8th Grade)

4. Mentalup

Mental up helps to develop attention, memory, logic, visual and verbal cognitive skills. It has won several awards for offering challenging games and puzzles. The site has a variety of free games, daily brain booster exercises and activities.
6th Grade: Mentaulup (6th Grade)
7th Grade: Mentaulup (7th Grade)
8th Grade: Mentaulup (8th Grade)

5. Kids Math TV

Kids Math TV is a video based Math website. It offers videos for Math games, activities, exercises and quizzes. The site has a variety of free content and also offers premium content for paid members.
6th Grade: Kids Math TV (6th Grade)
7th Grade: Kids Math TV (7th Grade)

6. Algebra for Children

Algebra for children is a website that aims to teach Algebra to kids. There is a wealth of information and resources to learn Algebra. Kids learn through games, quizzes, worksheets and a variety of other contents. The site offers a lot of free learning materials and it also has a store with paid material.
6th Grade: Algebra for Children (6th Grade)
7th Grade: Algebra for Children (7th Grade)
8th Grade: Coming soon!

7. Math Chimp

Mathchimp is created by educators and is aligned to common core standards. The site has a rich set of videos, games and worksheets that are aimed at teaching Math to kids.
6th Grade: Math Chimp (6th Grade)
7th Grade: Math Chimp (7th Grade)
8th Grade: Math Chimp (8th Grade)

8. Math Game Time

Math Game time has a curated collection of educational Math games for kids. Their goal is to make Math educational and fun and all the content on the website is free.
6th Grade: Math Game Time (6th Grade)
7th Grade: Math Game Time (7th Grade)
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