Kodeclik Coding Contest

Challenge 2.2: Build a Website

The Challenge

Develop an informational website to showcase what you learn! Teams can pick Science, Social Science, or any other field of their choice. Use a map to teach your favorite subject.


1. The top-level page of the website must be a map.
2. The map could be a geographic map or an organizational map. The map you choose can either be one of the examples below or can be something else as well.
(a) Geographical Maps: Map of the US, Map of the World, A Metro Station Map.
(b) Organizational Maps: Periodic Table of Elements, Structure of the US Congress
3. The map must be clickable. Different portions of the map, when clicked, must lead to different pages.
4. Each link in the map should lead to more detailed information and must include, at the minimum, back-links to the map and links to other related elements.
5. The website must contain at least 25 pages.
6. The website must be built using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
7. Teams are not allowed to use any automatic site generation tools (e.g., Wix.com) or any content management systems (e.g., WordPress, Drupal).
8. The website should list the team members and some background about the purpose of the website.

What to submit?

Submission site will open up closer to the deadline. Stay tuned!
  • Executive Summary

    A write-up (US Letter, single spaced, 1 inch margins on all sides, not to exceed one page) of your project.

  • Video Demo

    A video demo of your project.

  • Website

    Submission guidelines will be posted closer to the deadline. Stay tuned!

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