Introduction to Augmented Reality with ARKit

Augmented reality, as the name indicates, is a combination of a real world and a virtual world juxtaposed over each other. By adding virtual layers of data or digital information onto a real image, scene, or video, we can develop compelling and interactive applications.

Today, augmented reality is used in telemedicine, military training, entertainment, and manufacturing industries. It used to be the case that we needed special purpose equipment to experience augmented reality but today you can experience augmented reality through the camera of your handheld phone!

This course takes you behind the scenes and helps you become an augmented reality developer using ARKit, a development platform from Apple that makes it easy to develop AR applications for iOS devices.

The course covers the basics of augmented reality, how ARKit helps sense and modify the scene, and detailed instructions to build three augmented reality applications!

Prior programming experience with a high level language like C++, Python or Java is required.

Sample Camp Format

What you will get

Daily handouts, completion certificate, and 30 day access to video lessons.

What you will learn

System Requirements

1. You will need a Windows or Mac computer/laptop and a high speed internet connection to attend camp.

2. Computer setup instructions will be provided prior to camp.

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