Top 5 coding languages for kids 2020

Top 5 Kids' coding languages 2020

Scratch is a block-based visual programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab. It is one of the first languages developed exclusively for kids. It has been translated into 70+ languages, and is used in most parts of the world.

Scratch is a great tool to create fantastic animations and great cartoons.

Scratch Jr is an app available for kids 4-7.

Scratch X is an extension of the language that is use to program with legos, robots etc.

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Kodeclik offers programming, drawing, animation, and games courses in Scratch.

Minecraft Education Edition is a free programming language that can used to create mods for Minecraft.

Block editor – Makecode has a block editor that is a perfect tool for beginners to create cool mods.

Javascript editor – Makecode provides a javascript editor that can be used by advanced students to create and modify mods.

A simulator is integrated with Makecode to allow the users to test their mods within a Minecraft environment.

Kodeclik offers a great course on Minecraft modding with Makecode.

Python is a high level programming language that is widely used commercially in the industry as well as in academia for research projects.

Python supports procedural, object oriented as well as functional programming.

Python has a large standard library which contains pre-built comprehensive functions that can be used to build cool projects.

Kodeclik offers 2 wonderful courses in Python – Python Programming and Python drawing with Turtle Graphics.

Javascript is a scripting language that is used to build websites. It is an important tool to introduce to kids who are starting to program websites.

Javascript can be used to build cool forms, fun games and other exciting projects.

Javascript can be used to create both procedural as well as object oriented programs.

It is a scripting language and programs written in Javascript will be executed on the client side computer thereby reducing the load on the server and increasing the speed of execution.

Core Javascript functions can be extended by using popular libraries like jQuery, DoJo etc.

Java is a universal programming language – programs written in Java can be run on any computer or device.

Java is used to build a variety of desktop, web, mobile, enterprise, embedded and scientific applications.

October 15, 2020

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