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5 Ways to get Better at PvP in Minecraft

Player-vs-Player, also known as PvP, is when players fight other players in Minecraft multi-player mode. Read on to learn how to excel in this mode of gameplay.

1. Use Crits

Crits are short for critical hits and happen when you hit a player as you are falling. Crits do 50% more damage than a regular hit, meaning they can be the difference in winning or losing a fight.

2. Don’t use up your shield

Shields are an excellent way to block enemy attacks, but a lot of players forget that they have durability. Shield’s durability can run out quite quickly, especially if you overuse them, leaving you without one while your opponent does. On the other hand, try to use up your opponent's shield as much as possible so that it breaks!

3. Don’t spam click (Java Edition)

If you are in Java Edition and are not in pre 1.9 (the combat update), spam clicking is a bad strategy. The combat update changed how you can hit mobs and players and one of the ways they changed this in was with cool downs. Cool downs apply to every weapon and make sure that you can’t spam click. After you hit a player or mob, there is a space of time in which you can’t hit. Even hitting right after the cooldown is up will yield a “weak attack”, meaning your attack will be weaker. Next time you pvp, make sure you take cooldowns into account. Remember that this applies only to Java Edition.

4. Opt for an axe (Java Edition)

The combat update made it so that axes did more damage than swords. The only tradeoff is that axes have a longer cooldown time. Next time you pvp, remember to take these factors into account and not side with a sword. This tip also applies only to Java Edition.

5. Get the lower ground

This tip does not mean to let your opponent get 20 blocks above you and snipe you, but rather to be one or two blocks. This is because it makes it harder for your opponent to hit you but easier for you to hit them.
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