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16 Ways to MLG in Minecraft

What does MLG mean in Minecraft?

MLG is short for Major League Gaming and in Minecraft it refers to a set of survival tactics that can be used while playing the game in survival mode. There are multiple MLG tactics that can be used to prevent the player from the impact of a fall while playing the game in survival mode. Learning MLG tactics can be very useful and can take a player to an advanced level.
The following is a list of 16 ways you can MLG in Minecraft.

1. Water Bucket

The water bucket MLG is maybe the most popular one of them all. To perform the water bucket MLG, a player has to jump from a high place and at the last second when they get in range of the block they will fall on, the player has to place water with the water bucket on the block. Minecraft physics works in a way that even a half block of water can save you from a fall from any height. Not only do you survive, you also do not suffer any damage. Spam clicking to place the water might not always work and generally to land a water bucket MLG, you need to have perfect timing.
On the Java edition of Minecraft the player has a mouse pointer that indicates the block they are seeing. This can help in knowing which block to place the water on. On Bedrock this pointer does not exist by default. To get the pointer on bedrock edition, go to “Settings”, “touch”, and make sure “split controls'' is on. This will provide a mouse pointer.
In some versions like the Bedrock edition you might not be able to MLG on leaves as the water goes inside the leaves rather than on top. Note: since water cannot be placed in the nether it is a useless tactic in the steaming dimension. Alternatively, the ender dragon (one of Minecraft’s bosses that resides in the end) will launch you up high into the air if you get near it and the water bucket MLG is most used in this situation.

2. Slime Block

Slime blocks as suggested by the name are bouncy; really bouncy. When jumping off a high cliff or ledge, simply place a slime block below you and you will bounce up high in the air, all fall damage eradicated. Depending on the height you fall from, the slime block might bounce you up so high that if you were to not land on the block again you would die. Keep bouncing on the block until you can get off without dying and you will have successfully MLG’d with a slime block.
Since you can instantly break slime, you could make things more challenging by breaking the block once you place it so that when you bounce back up you have to place the block again. You will have to place the slime block earlier than the water bucket because you need to have one whole block to place it on.

3. Ladder/Vines

The ladder MLG is one of the most complex ones of them all. To perform this clutch, you must fall from a height and process to place a ladder on the block in front of the block you are falling on. Your body should cling to the ladder and you will take no fall damage. You will not be able to perform this clutch if there is no block in front of the block you are falling on. This trick works the same with vines.

4. Powdered Snow

In the new 1.17 update, powdered snow was added and with it, a new way to MLG clutch. The only way to obtain powdered snow is to place a cauldron out while it is snowing and wait for it to fill up with snow. Then you proceed to fill your bucket with the snow. When you are falling from a height, simply place the powdered snow a block before you fall and all fall damage disappears!

5. Ender Pearls

Ender Pearls are a simple and practical way to MLG. When you are falling from a high place, simply throw an ender pearl to the ground and you will get teleported there taking only about two hearts of damage, preventing a fatal fall. Note that you might die before the ender pearl reaches the ground so it is best to pearl right below you.

6. Chorus Fruit

Since we are on the subject of teleportation we might as well include chorus fruit. This exotic fruit found only in the end dimension will teleport you to a random place when you eat it. The thing about this random position is that it will always teleport you to coordinates on the ground. Using this when you are in mid-air you can eat chorus fruit and you will instantly be moved over to the ground. The best part is you don’t suffer any damage!

7. Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a very useful block and can help in MLG. Unfortunately this trick only works on the Java edition. Rather than placing it right above you, which would kill you, place it when you are a half block to the ground and you will survive inside the scaffolding, losing absolutely no health.

8. Cobwebs

Cobwebs are a great block to clutch with. When you walk into a cobweb’s hitbox, you are automatically slowed down. Using this to your advantage, you can fall from a high place, place the cobweb below you, and slowly descend to victory!

9. Sweet Berry Bush

On the Java edition in Minecraft, when you fall from a great height, placing a sweet berry bush would eradicate all fall damage as it acts like a cobweb slowing you down. While this trick does work, it is a sweet berry bush and you might end up losing a few half hearts!

10. Horse

When falling from a fatal height, if there is a horse nearby you may be able to save yourself. By right clicking on the horse in Java edition you will be able to ride the horse and be saved from the fall damage before it throws you off. This is a very out of the blue way to save your life. On the Bedrock edition it is more difficult as you have to wait for the ride button to pop up and quickly press it. It is possible though!

11. Boat/Minecart

To do the boat MLG, you surprisingly do not require water. When falling from a height you must place a boat (you can place a boat anywhere, it doesn’t have to be on water!) and quickly right click to get in it which saves you from fall damage. As with the horse, this MLG on Bedrock is significantly harder as you need to wait for the ride button to pop up. For the minecart version of this clutch it is better to have a minecart prepared to ride into. To do everything in midair is extremely challenging as you need to place a rail, then the minecart, and then get into it as minecarts can only be placed on rails.

12. Pig/Strider

The pig MLG is similar to the horse as you need to ride the pig. To ride the pig, the pig must have a saddle on it which makes this different from the horse mlg. You will need to place the saddle on the pig then right click to ride it. The same goes for the strider although this challenge may be harder as striders are usually found in or near lava. As before this clutch is much harder on the Bedrock version of the game.

13. Honey Block

The honey block MLG can be performed in two ways. One is to simply place the block under you as you are falling and as you are falling on honey, most fall damage will be eradicated. However, if you fall from a high enough place, you can die on the honey. The second way is to use honey’s property of you being able to slide on the side of it nice and slow. Much like the ladder MLG, you must place honey in front of you so you can slide down the block and break your fall! Note: you will still die if there is a block below the honey so make sure that when you perform this MLG, you don’t have a block below it.

14. Slow Falling

The next clutch is to use a potion of slow falling. While you could simply drink the potion in midair and save yourself easily, there is a way more exciting way to do it. You can use a splash potion of slow falling to save yourself. Since splash potions have to be thrown on the ground this makes this clutch so cool. When you get close enough to the ground, throw the potion and make sure you absorb the potion and slowly fall the rest of the way!

15. Twisting Vines

This MLG works in the same way as the cobweb MLG. Simply place twisting vines when you are close enough to the ground and you will slowly descend the rest of the way taking no fall damage.

16. Hay Bale

You can use hay bales (or blocks) to break your fall. This amazing MLG needs to be performed by quickly placing the whole hay block below you which will reduce your fall damage (80% of it to be exact). Note: a fall from a high enough place is enough to kill you.
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