Kodeclik Coding Contest

Challenge 1.2: Scratch Game

The Challenge

Create an original game using Scratch 3.0 involving protagonist and antagonist characters and a scoring system.


1. The theme for the game is "Eco-Heroes: Saving the Planet". The protagonist is an "eco hero" character sprite. You need to have at least 3 antagonist, or "pollution monster" sprites. Teams must create all the sprites. Sprites from the Scratch library cannot be used.
2. The background(s) should reflect the theme and the game must have a minimum of three backdrop scenes reflecting endagened environments.
3. Implement left/right, jumping, and special moves like double jumps or wall climbs for your hero sprite.
4. Create collectibles involving eco-friendly power-up items (e.g., recycling bins, solar panels).
5. Implement a scoring system providing reward points for collecting eco-items, negative points (ie deducting points) for colliding with pollution monsters, and display score prominently on screen.
6. Use sounds and music (recorded or using the Scratch Music extension) to highlight key happenings in the game.
7. Implement a lives or health system for the hero and design at least two levels with increasing difficulty. Create clear objectives for winning and losing the game.

What to submit?

Submission guidelines will be posted closer to the deadline. Stay tuned!
  • Executive Summary

    A write-up (US Letter, single spaced, 1 inch margins on all sides, not to exceed one page) of your project.

  • Video Demo

    A video demo of your project.

  • Code

    Submission guidelines will be posted closer to the deadline. Stay tuned!

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