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How to get clay in Minecraft

Clay is a useful material in minecraft as it can be used to make bricks and terracotta, as well as traded with villagers for emeralds. This post will show you the various ways to get clay.

Method 1: Mining clay

1. Locate a body of water (preferably an ocean, a river, or a large lake).
2. Either go inside the water and find clay and mine it (mining with a shovel will be fastest), or find some near the banks of the water body.
3. Craft four of the clay balls you get into clay blocks.

Method 2: Utilize Villagers

1. Find a village.
2. Make sure the village has a stonemason.
3. Defeat a raid and you’ll acquire the ‘hero of the village’ effect.
4. Go to your stonemason and it will throw clay to you as a thank you for defeating the raid.
5. Craft four of the clay balls you get into clay blocks.

Uses of Clay

Clay has many uses in Minecraft. A few common uses of clay are to make bricks, to smelt clay balls in a furnace, to make terracotta, and to smelt a whole clay block. You can also trade with a stonemason to get emeralds for your clay balls.
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