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How to get rid of water in Minecraft

You may come across situations where you may need to get rid of water in Minecraft. There are many ways by which you can get rid of water. Some of the ways are listed below.

Method 1: Find the source

1. Make sure the water you are trying to clear up is placed by you, and not part of a river. If it is, try the other methods.
2. Look for the block that is completely filled with water, filling the block above/below it.
3. Get rid of the water by using a bucket at the block you found, or by placing a block there.
4. All the water should slowly disappear.

Method 2: Use sponges (this method works best with bodies of water like rivers)

1. Get a sponge and make sure it is dry.
2. Place the sponge in the water and the water in the surrounding area should disappear.
3. Mine the sponge with a hoe, dry it (you can smelt it or place it in the nether) and use it again.

Method 3: Manually clear water

1. If you can’t get sponges (by going to an ocean monument), then there is another more time consuming way.
2. Create a border around all the water you want to clear.
3. Place blocks inside until there is no water left.
4. Break the blocks.
5. All the water inside the perimeter/border should be gone!

Method 4: Use enchantments

1. Enchant your boots with frost walker.
2. Put your boots on.
3. Walk over water, and the water will freeze to ice under your feet, getting rid of it.
4. Note that this is temporary and the ice will melt back to water.


Sometimes water can just be slow to navigate, or hard to see in, or hard to breathe in, or just break your redstone all the time. Nevertheless, these four different methods should definitely help out!
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