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How to make a carpet in Minecraft

Carpets are an item in Minecraft and if you are a beginner, there is a chance you didn’t even know they existed. This post will highlight every way to get your hands on them.

Method 1: Crafting

1. Find and kill two sheep.
2. Pick up the wool they drop.
3. If the wool is not the same color dye both of them to be.
4. Put both of the pieces of wool in a crafting grid/table and craft three of the same color of carpet.

Method 2: Finding Carpets

1. Locate a savannah, plains, or snowy village.
2. Find a house with carpets (savannah librarian houses, plains shepard and fletcher houses, and snowy village stone mason houses all have carpets).
3. Mine the carpets and you are done!

Method 3: Using a duping machine to make carpets

Another way to get carpets is to duplicate existing carpets using a duping machine.

Uses of carpets in Minecraft

Carpets are a nice decorative block that can be very useful in Minecraft. Mobs cannot spawn on carpets because they are not full blocks. Hoppers can pick up items dropped onto carpets and so, they are great to use in your mob farms. Carpets can also be used as fuel (though they aren’t a very good source of fuel as they burn out quickly).
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