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Can villagers open doors in Minecraft?

Why is it important to know whether villagers can open doors in Minecraft? It is because, while dealing with valuables, there is always the fear of other npc characters such as villagers taking them or just sneaking into your bae. This blog post will tell you exactly what villagers can and can not do.

What can villagers open?

Villagers can open wooden doors in minecraft and cannot open iron ones. They can not open any type of trapdoors regardless if it is made of wood. Villagers can not open gates and cannot jump over them or fences (just like most mobs). Even though villagers have chests and barrels in their houses full of their belongings, they cannot open them, and can definitely not take anything out of them!

What can villagers use?

Villagers can not use buttons or levers, so if you are planning to make a more mechanical approach to your house, you’re fine! However, here is one little piece of information that is quite interesting: You can dispense armor onto a villager and although it doesn’t show, it is there and works perfectly!

What can villagers ride/climb?

Villagers can hitch a ride on a minecart or boat, but not a horse or any other mob. Even when in a minecart or boat, they won’t be able to actually “drive” the vehicle, so as long as the rails aren’t powered under the minecart, you’re fine! Villagers however, can climb ladders, so you might want to be careful using those in your builds.


In conclusion, it is best for your base entrance to be a mechanical door of some sort and the only other additional thing is to make sure that no minecarts can get into your house, and have no ladders leading to the roof or another place.
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