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What do chickens eat in Minecraft?

Chickens are a passive mob (they do not attack) in Minecraft. They spawn during the day and they have many special uses. This blog post will highlight these uses.

What do chickens eat in Minecraft?

Chickens primarily eat seeds in Minecraft. Chickens will eat different types of seeds like wheat, pumpkin, beetroot and melon.

Chicken can be used as food

Chicken can provide you with food in two ways.
1. Killing them and getting raw chicken which can be cooked. You can also kill them while they are burning, automatically giving you cooked chicken.
2. Laying eggs. Chickens randomly lay eggs which can be picked up by the player and used to make foods such as cake.

Chicken Farms

There are two main chicken farms.
1. Using a chicken to randomly step on a pressure plate which pours lava onto a chicken and kills it for food. This cycle will repeat infinitely.
2. A breeding farm, where using any type of seeds you can put chickens into “love mode” and if they are close to another chicken in “love mode”, then they will have a baby child, which can be grown quickly by feeding it seeds.

Fun facts about chicken in Minecraft

1. A chicken egg can be thrown and inflicts knockback upon whatever it hits (no damage), and when the egg lands, there is a one in eight chance to spawn a baby chicken and a one in two-hundred and fifty-six chance to spawn four baby chickens.
2. Foxes hunt chickens and can jump over fences so watch out!
3. Chickens will float slowly to the ground instead of falling like the player does and they will take no damage upon impact.
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