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Minecraft Enderman Farm

Have you ever wanted a ton of experience really fast? Or do you find you are always running short on ender pearls? Well, this Minecraft Enderman farm completely obliterates these problems!

Step 1

Get to the End dimension. To get there, find a stronghold and locate it’s portal room if you are in survival or make your own if you are in creative. Then kill the Ender Dragon and get to the edge of the main island. Bridge out 150 blocks using glass or leaves and create a 7 by 7 platform.

Step 2

In the 7 by 7 platform you just created, destroy a 3 by 3 area in the center. Construct a perimeter around this destroyed area (corners are not needed) and build the perimeter up 43 blocks. We do this because an enderman falling from a height of 43 blocks will get it down to half a heart.

Step 3

Build a platform as big as you desire at the top layer of the perimeter you just constructed. Then, at the top of the 3 by 3 hole, place trapdoors on the top side of each block and open them. We do this so that enderman think they are a full block and walk over the open trapdoor and take a ton of damage.

Step 4

On the edge of the 3 by 3 hole, stack four blocks up and then create a two by two chamber. Then spawn in an endermite on top of two rails, name it, and then put it into a minecart. This will lure the enderman over.

Step 5

Go to the 7 by 7 platform created earlier and remove blocks from the bottom of the walls so that when an enderman comes in, you will be able to hit them but they will not be able to hit you.

Step 6

Replace the bottom of the 3 by 3 hole with hoppers and connect these hoppers to a chest. Now you will be able to easily collect the ender pearls dropped.
Now you are done! You have officially made a working enderman farm!
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