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Making white dye in Minecraft

White dye has a variety of uses in Minecraft like dyeing animals, making compounds or creating patterns. In this blog post we will show you how to make white dye in Minecraft and how it can be used in your Minecraft World.

Procedure to make White Dye

There are two ways to get white dye in Minecraft and both of them require just one material. To make white dye, you either need bones or a flower called lily of the valley.

Method 1: Make white dye using Lily flowers

Step 1: Find the lily of the valley flower. This flower is relatively rare but can be found in places such as flower forests.
Step 2: Place the flower in your crafting grid and you will get the option to convert it into white dye. Finished!

Method 2: Make white dye using bone meal

The second method to make white dye is a bit more complex, and requires extra steps.
Step 1: Acquire bones either by killing skeletons/wither skeletons or by finding them in loot chests in places such as desert temples.
Step 2: In your crafting grid, place the bone and convert it into bone meal.
Step 3: Place the bonemeal into the crafting grid and craft it into white dye. Finished!

Uses of White Dye

White dye can be used to dye sheep, beds, wool, terracotta, concrete and more. Dying a sheep white will make it so that when sheared, it will always drop white wool. One very helpful use for white dye is to get a bed on your first night. You will often need to kill sheep for wool if you don’t find a village. You might find two white sheep and get two pieces of white wool, but the last sheep you find is brown, and you simply can’t combine white and brown wool to make a bed. You can use the white dye to dye the different colored wool and you will finally get yourself a bed.
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