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How to get arrows in Minecraft

There are three methods two get arrows in Minecraft, all quite different and each has their own advantages.

Method 1: Trading emeralds

Step 1: Acquire emeralds.
Step 2: Find a fletcher in a village or make one using a fletching table.
Step 3: Trade with him, giving him emeralds for arrows. Finished!

Method 2: Crafting with flint, feathers and sticks

Step 1: Find flint by breaking gravel (there is a one in ten chance that flint will drop instead of gravel).
Step 2: Get feathers (by killing chickens).
Step 3: Get sticks (craft them from planks).
Step 4: Place flint in the top slot of the crafting table, then sticks, then feathers so that they are in a straight line.
Step 5: Craft 4 arrows per one group of flint, sticks and feathers. Finished!

Method 3: Killing skeletons/strays

Step 1: Find skeletons/strays.
Step 2: Kill them and collect their drops (which include arrows. Finished!

Uses of arrows in Minecraft

Arrows can be shot from bows or crossbows and are used as a long range attack option. The more distance an arrow is shot from, the more damage it does. You can even combine arrows with lingering potions to make tipped arrows with different effects!
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