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How to Make a Bucket in Minecraft

A bucket is a very useful and sought after item in Minecraft. This blog post will explore every way to get a bucket and their uses.

Method 1 (Craft it):

1. Acquire three iron ingots.
2. Place them in a V shaped formation in the crafting table.
3. Craft a bucket. Done!

Method 2 (Find it):

1. Locate a savannah village.
2. Loot the chests in the houses.
3. If you are lucky you will find a bucket. Done!

Method 3 (Find it):

1. Locate a woodland mansion by buying a woodland explorer map from a cartographer.
2. Loot the woodland mansion and its chests (there are hidden rooms with chests do make sure you get everything).
3. If you are lucky you will find a bucket. Done!

Uses of Buckets in Minecraft

Buckets can be used to carry water, lava, powdered snow, milk, tropical fish, cod, pufferfish, salmon, and axolotls. When picking up live animals the same animal will appear when you place the bucket to get rid of the items inside. You must have water in a bucket to pick up live animals. Lava buckets can be used for traps, and water and powdered snow buckets can be used to mlg (save you from a fatal fall). Milk can be used to get rid of potion effects.
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