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How to make an item frame in Minecraft

There are three ways to acquire an item frame in Minecraft. You can craft one, find one and trade for one. This post will cover all three ways.

Method 1 (Craft it):

1. Get 8 sticks.
2. Kill a sheep/cow for leather.
3. Open a crafting table and put the one piece of leather in the center cell and surround it with sticks. Done!

Method 2 (Find it):

1. Defeat the ender dragon and go through the end gateway portal that appears.
2. Find an end ship (a floating ship with a 50% chance of spawning in end cities).
3. Get inside and break the item frame containing the elytra. You will get the elytra and item frame. Done!

Method 3 (Trade for it):

1. Get many emeralds and compasses.
2. Find a cartographer and trade your emeralds and compasses until you get to the expert level.
3. Once you get to the expert level, there is a chance the cartographer will sell you one item frame for 7 emeralds. Done!
To make a glow item frame, place an item frame beside a glow ink sac in a crafting table or grid. Kill a squid to get a glow ink sac. This item frame glows instead of staying at a normal brightness level.

Uses of ItemFrames in Minecraft

Item frames are usually used to display and even store items. Just right click the item frame onto a block, and then right click an item into the frame and it displays in the frame. If you right click an item frame with an item inside it, the item turns clockwise so you can get the perfect angle for your item. To get an item out of an item frame, simply left click the item frame. If an item frame is broken, the item frame and the item inside it will drop.
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