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How to get Scutes in Minecraft

Do you want to get scutes in Minecraft but not sure how to go about it? Here are the steps!

Steps to get Scutes in Minecraft

1. Use shears to get two pieces of seagrass (found on the ocean floor).
2. Find two adult turtles.
3. Feed them each one seagrass.
4. After they have laid eggs wait for them to hatch.
5. Once the eggs have hatched (which usually happens at night), either wait for the baby turtles to grow up or feed the seagrass to speed up the process.
6. Once a baby turtle has grown, it will drop a scute. Done!

Uses of Scutes in Minecraft

Five scutes can be crafted into a turtle shell which gives you ten seconds of water breathing and can be useful when spending long times underwater.
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