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How to get out of a boat in Minecraft

To get out of a boat in Minecraft, simply press your sneak key (this key is usually your left shift key on a computer, and on a tablet simply double click the rhombus in the center of your movement buttons. To change this, alter your shift key in the controls section of your section), and you will find yourself off the boat, ready to travel on foot. This is the only way to dismount a boat.

Boats in Minecraft

Boats are a way to travel quickly across water. One downside is that they are not that easy to control but it's pretty easy to get the hang of. A boat is slower than swimming with a dolphin beside you, so if you spot one, get out of your boat, break it, and catch up to that dolphin.
Boats can also be ridden on land but at a much slower rate. You can trap mobs into boats so they don’t despawn, or to transport them to your base.
To craft a boat in Minecraft Java edition, you need 5 planks. Place these planks in a cup-like formation (three on a row that is not the top one, and two on the left and right side on the row above that row). On bedrock edition it is the same thing except you need a wooden shovel between the two planks on the second row.
Riding on a falling boat means you can’t take damage (unless falling from a specific height) and you can boat mlg meaning as you are falling you can place a boat and get into it before you touch the ground. You, however, need to have impeccable timing.
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