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What do horses eat in Minecraft?

Horses eat hay bales, wheat, golden apples, golden carrots, and enchanted golden apples. To make a baby horse grow faster feed it any food but (enchanted) golden apples work best. To make a horse regenerate health, hay bales are the best option, but again feeding it any food will work fine.
Hay bales and wheat are the best source for food for a horse. Wheat is the best option as it is easy to get and is decent in both growing and healing horses. However, if you want to heal your horse fast in case of a fight, hay bales are the way to go.
To see a horse’s health, mount it and it is displayed instead of your hunger. Riding a horse requires you to tame it by mounting multiple times. Then, you will have to put a saddle on it (horse armor is optional). Horse speed is a randomly chosen value for each horse that determines how fast a horse is. You can not tame and ride baby horses.
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