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How to make cookies in Minecraft

There are two ways to get cookies in Minecraft. This post will highlight both of them.

Method 1 (Craft it):

1. Obtain two pieces of wheat (either plant seeds or loot some from a village).
2. Obtain cocoa beans. You can do this by breaking cocoa pods in a jungle, or finding them in a bonus chest. In the Bedrock Edition, wandering traders can sell cacao beans and they can be fished with a fishing rod in a jungle.
3. Open a crafting table and place a cocoa bean surrounded by two pieces of wheat (one on the left of the cocoa bean, and one on the right).
Craft 8 cookies. Done!

Method 2 (Trade for it):

1. Find a village and a farmer.
2. Trade with that farmer until you get to the journeyman level.
3. Once at the journeyman level, trade three emeralds for 18 cookies. Done!
If you go into a village with the “Hero of the Village” effect, a farmer villager may drop you a cookie as a gift.

Uses of Cookies in Minecraft

Cookies are not the best food source in Minecraft. They give two hunger (one hunger bar) and only 0.4 saturation. On top of that there are only eight items in a stack of cookies. Cookies can be used to poison and kill parrots, so if you want a parrot farm to stock up on feathers, cookies might be the way to go.
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