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How to Get Seagrass in Minecraft

Seagrass is a lesser known item in Minecraft, but unbeknownst to many, has quite a few uses. This blog post will highlight those uses and how to get the item itself.

Method 1 (from an Ocean)

1. Locate an ocean/river in your Minecraft world.
2. Craft shears by putting two iron ingots in a diagonal formation in a crafting grid/table.
3. Go to the ocean/river floor and find seagrass (looks like normal grass, but in water), and break it with the shears. If you don’t do so, you won’t get an item to pick up.

Method 2 (Growing)

1. Obtain bone meal by crafting bones into bone-meal in a crafting grid/table.
2. Place a block two blocks underwater (the block should be dirt, coarse dirt, etc.) and by bonemealing it, you should get seagrass growing on that block as well as surrounding ones.
3. Break the seagrass with shears.

Method 3 (Drops)

1. Find a turtle.
2. Kill it and it will have a chance to drop seagrass.

Uses of Seagrass

1. Seagrass can be used to breed turtles/grow baby ones which will in turn drop scutes (see our blog post on scutes for more!).
2. Seagrass can be used to provide compost to a composter which in turn can produce bone meal.

Fun Fact

Lava cannot obstruct seagrass’s hitbox leading to some weird happenings that can occur. See the below image for an example!
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