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How to make a bottle in Minecraft

Bottles are great for late game usage and this blog post will highlight all the ways to acquire them.

Method 1 (Crafting)

1. Get three glasses. You can do this either by smelting sand or mining existing glass with a silk touch tool.
2. In a crafting table, place the three glasses in a cup formation and you will be able to craft three glass bottles.

Method 2 (Trading)

1. Enter the nether and find a piglin.
2. Give the piglin gold ingots and with each gold ingot you have about a 2 percent chance of getting a potion of fire resistance or a water bottle. (Note that these chances vary across Minecraft versions).
3. Both bottles can be emptied to give you a normal one.
You can also get glass bottles by fishing or killing a witch. Note that you are not guaranteed to get glass bottles from these two methods and that it relies on chance. Another, more inconvenient method is to locate an end ship and find the potions of healing in the brewing stand. You can empty these bottles to get a normal one.
Bottles have many uses. You can trade 9 of them to a cleric villager for emeralds. You can also use bottles to carry potions, dragon’s breath, water, and honey. Bottles can also be used to empty/fill cauldrons.
Fun Fact: In the overworld, drinking a bottle of water extinguishes yourself from any fire!
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