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How to make a Lever in Minecraft

Levers are a very useful redstone tool in Minecraft. Simple as they are, they are one of the fundamental parts of any redstone contraption. This blog post will show you how to get levers and how you can use them in your own world!

Method 1 (Craft it):

1. Acquire one stick and one cobblestone.
2. Place the stick anywhere in a crafting table except in the bottom row, and then place the cobblestone below it.
3. This crafts one lever. Done!

Method 2 (Find it):

Locate a jungle temple/woodland mansion. In a jungle temple, go down the stairs and on your left should be three levers. Mine them with any tool (your fist will work) and pick up the dropped item. In a woodland mansion, locate a jail and take the levers that operate the iron door.

Uses of Levers in Minecraft

A lever can be used to activate redstone and many redstone items/blocks. Levers can be flicked one direction in an “on” state, and then flicked back again to switch to an “off” state. Levers can be placed on the side of most blocks as long as there is room.
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