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How to make horse armor in Minecraft

Horse armor is a useful item to protect your horse or even just to show off. This blog post will show you how to even get horse armor and how to use it.

Method 1 (Crafting):

Note that this method only works for leather horse armor and not any other type.
1. Acquire seven pieces of leather.
2. Place vertical lines of leather on each side of the crafting table.
3. Place the last piece of leather in the center grid spot.
4. Craft the horse armor. Done!

Method 2 (Finding)

Note that, in the below method, not all structures have horse armor to be found.
1. Locate a structure such as a desert temple.
2. Loot the chests.
3. You have a chance of finding horse armor.
4. Done!

Uses of Horse Armor

Horse armor can be equipped on a tamed horse by riding the horse, and using your inventory key to access the horses inventory. Place the armor in the armor slot and you have just increased your horse’s chance of survival in a frightening encounter. The worst horse armor to the best is as follows: leather, silver, gold, and finally diamond.

Trivia about Horse Armor

1. Horse armor can only be equipped on horses, not a horse variant such as a donkey.
2. Horse armor is quite durable, so your horse will be forever protected!
3. Leather horse armor prevents your horse from freezing in powdered snow.
4. Horse armor can’t be enchanted.
5. If your horse does die, armor and all, the armor as well as a saddle it might have been wearing will drop.
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