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How to Summon Lightning in Minecraft

Lightning is a rare occurrence in Minecraft as it only happens during thunderstorms, and even then for lightning to strike anywhere near you you have to be very lucky; or unlucky depending on your point of view This blogpost will highlight all the ways in which you can summon lightning.
Note that lightning can only occur during thunderstorms; so if you are using the following methods in broad daylight, they will have no effect.

Method 1 (Trident)

1. Acquire a trident.
2. Enchant it with channeling.
3. Strike a mob with your trident, lightning will be summoned at that mob's location and potentially even kill it.

Method 2 (Lightning Rod)

1. Acquire three copper ingots.
2. Place the ingots vertically in a crafting table to make a lightning rod.
3. Place the rod and wait for lightning to come to it!
Note that the above method only works in version 1.17 and up.

Method 3 (can be used regardless of weather)

1. Open the chat window.
2. Type the following command: “/summon lightning_bolt”.

Uses of Lightning

Lightning can be used to light things on fire as well as change something about mobs. For example if a creeper is struck by lightning it becomes a charged creeper or if a pig is struck by lightning it becomes a zombified piglin.
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