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Make a Villager Trading Hall in 4 Steps

A villager trading hall is a building where players can trade with multiple villagers at the same time. A typical villager trading hall presents attractive deals for the player (e.g., one carrot for an emerald). The villager trading hall presented here uses zombies that kill villagers to make zombie villagers who can then be cured back to villagers who will lower their prices. The following steps will show you how to easily make your own villager trading hall.

Step 1: Build the Hall

Fill in a 3x3 area with whatever block type you would like to build your farm with. Then on the two parallel sides place a block on top of an already placed block and place fences on top of those. Once you have finished this, place another pair of blocks on top of the fences and have a block connect them and an attached block on the back side. Then take whatever villager profession you want’s block (e.g. a blacksmith’s block would be a grindstone) and put it under the block just placed. Repeat this step as many times as you want to get multiple villagers.

Step 2: Build the Piston

In the center of your 3x3 area, dig down three blocks and place a sticky piston with whatever block you would like on top. Use redstone and a lever to power this piston so that the block is pushed up to the same level as the other parts of the 3x3 platform. Make sure the piston stays powered.

Step 3: Get the zombie

Before getting your zombie, have a nametag prepared so you can name the zombie. This will prevent it from despawning. On the same level of the sticky piston and on the opposite side of where you put your redstone, place a rail and a minecart. Make sure the rail faces the piston and not the other way around. Name a zombie and lure it into the minecart. Whenever a villager is lowered down one block, it will get killed by the zombie and turn into a zombie villager.

Step 4: Curing the villager

To cure a zombie villager, you must throw a splash potion of weakness at it and then proceed to feed it a golden apple. Red particle effects will show and after a minute or two, the zombie villager will be cured. To throw a splash potion we will replace the block on top of the piston with a dispenser with splash potions of weakness and have it connect to redstone and a button so that when the button is pressed, a weakness potion is thrown. Place a chest with golden apples so you can feed the zombie villager them when the potion is thrown. That’s it! You have finished your trading hall. For your other villagers there is no need to do this process as they will be close enough to no you cured one of them and lower their prices.
Note: If your trading hall does not work because your villagers keep dying, change the difficulty to hard mode as there is a hundred percent chance for a villager to turn into a zombie villager on hard mode.
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