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What does Fortune do in Minecraft?

Fortune is an enchantment you can put on hoes, shovels, pickaxes, and axes to either increase the chance of you getting a certain number of drops from an item or increase the range of items you can get from an item.

Implementations of Fortune in Minecraft

Axe Fortune: Used mainly to gain copious amounts of melons
Sword Fortune: You can’t put fortune on a sword.
Pickaxe Fortune: Helps when you are mining ores.
Shovel Fortune: Increases things like flint luck when breaking gravel.
Hoe Fortune: Increases the chance of getting apples, saplings, and sticks when you break leaves.

How does Fortune work?

There are three levels of fortune and the higher the level the more fortunate you can get with drops. For example if you had a Fortune three shovel, everytime you broke gravel it would drop flint.

How can I get Fortune?

Fortune can be obtained either by enchanting your tool with an enchanting table, or by finding an enchanted book and using an anvil to put the enchantment on the desired tool. You can find gold tools enchanted with fortune in a ruined portal chest and iron/diamond tools enchanted with fortune in an end city/ship. You can also find enchanted diamond tools in a bastion remnant.

Other Facts about Fortune:

Fortune is not compatible with silk touch as then you could have infinite diamonds or any item in Minecraft.
The highest natural level of fortune is fortune 3 but if you were to use commands the limit skyrockets!
The sword counterpart for fortune is looting which you can put on swords.
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