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What does multishot do in Minecraft?

Multishot is an enchantment you can put on crossbows in Minecraft. It allows you to shoot three arrows at once, at different angles at the cost of just one arrow. You can not use multishot to get infinite arrows, however, because you can only pick up one of the arrows you shot from the crossbow. Multishot can only be put on crossbows and the enchantment only has one level.
To get multishot, you can find a multishot enchanted book in a loot chest, such as one in a desert temple. Another way is to trade with a librarian or to fish for one. You can find multishot crossbows in bastion remnant chests and they can be dropped by pillagers. The final way to acquire a multishot crossbow is by using an enchanting table.
To get the multishot enchantment using commands, type the following: “/enchant @s multishot” while you are holding your crossbow. If you are not holding a crossbow the command will not work. If the command does not work, and you are using a crossbow, then type this command: “/enchant @s minecraft:multishot”.
The multishot enchantment is compatible with all crossbow enchantments except piercing. This is most likely because a crossbow would be too overpowered as all three arrows shot would be able to phase through entities providing you with a lot of power.
Multishot is not the most useful enchantment in Minecraft as to even make use of the enchantment you need to have at least two entities you want to hit, perfectly lined up so that the arrows find their mark. Such an occurrence is very rare. However multishot works with spectral arrows and fireworks so if you want to put on a show, the option is there!
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