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How to remove enchantments in Minecraft

Minecraft Enchantments enhance the abilities of items, but some enchantments can be relatively useless.
You might need to remove enchantments in Minecraft when you have unwanted or negative enchantments on your items, or when you want to collect experience points from enchanted items.
This blog post will highlight all the ways to get rid of useless enchantments as well as enchantments that can’t be removed!

Using a grindstone

Grindstones are a Minecraft block specifically designed to remove enchantments. Simply input your enchanted item into a grindstone, and it will remove the enchantment, providing you with some experience points as well!

Using a crafting grid

If you don’t have the resources to craft a grindstone, you can simply combine an enchanted item with another item in a crafting grid/table. These two items have to be the same for it to work however. For example, you can combine an enchanted iron sword with another enchanted iron sword to get one unenchanted iron sword. This method is pretty bad however, as you lose one sword, and you don’t gain experience.

Enchantments that can’t be removed

There are two Minecraft enchantments that cannot be removed. These enchantments are curse of vanishing and curse of binding. Curse of Vanishing means that the item that is enchanted will vanish upon a player’s death. Curse of Binding, which can only be applied on armor pieces, means that if you put a piece of armor on, you cannot take it off.
In summary, it is important to recall all the ways in which you can remove an enchantment but note that not all enchantments can be removed from an item.
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